Visitors occasionally leave the theater for fear of vertigo, photosensitivity, or motion-sickness, but very, very rarely does something like what happened today occur.

As the queue was entering, a woman who had just gone into the theater stepped out, with a look of concern.  I asked her if everything was alright, and she said,

“I can’t handle it in there, I’m claustrophobic.”

This always strikes me as a strange complaint.  I know claustrophobia affects people in lots of different ways, but this is a huge theater: 150 seats, 60 foot diameter, the apex of the dome is some 35 feet up…  In fact, kind of the whole point of a theater like this is the feeling of airiness and headroom, the appearance of open space.

Agoraphobia I can understand.  Even acrophobia, for those particular gut-churning scenes of simulated motion that people love so much.

But claustrophobia?  In a theater?  Weird.

Using a bathroom must be next to impossible…


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