Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. (etc.)

I fell down the stairs this morning, while carrying the toddler. Landed hard on my butt, rammed my forearm into a step, scraped my other arm and shoulder on an iron candleabra which also ripped out of the wall, and twisted my ankle and foot on the floor when I finally made it to the landing.

Did manage to mostly cushion her fall, and she wasn’t hurt, just scared.

I, on the other hand, feel mostly horrible, but here I am at work on a Sunday, which is non-standard for me.

It’s the museum workweek curse: Tuesday through Saturday, with your weekend Sunday and Monday—it’s very common in the industry, since most museums (and the like) are closed on Monday for upkeep and maintenance and whatnot.

We’re so short-staffed that it was easier to schedule one of the science center full-timers to cover the theater on Saturday and have me come in on Sunday.

I do like having Saturday off every now and then, to spend with the family (and in fact this weekend I have family from Chicagoland in town; took the Wii over to mom’s last night and much fun was had by all bowling and playing tennis), and it’s nice to work a Sunday here and there since it’s a half-day, but I think that just the same I’m going to take it a little easy today, and stay tanked on Ibuprofen.


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