First day of spring, eh?

Snow and icicles and wet and stupid.

Snow and icicles and wet and stupid.

Silly climate, don’t you know that today is the equinox?!?

Also, yeah, it’s been a while, the long excuse is my daughter’s been in and out of the hospital and we’re getting ready to move and I’ve been busy at work with testing and installation of a new projection system (more on that later).

The short excuse is I’m lazy.

Still working on TwiSixtyFive, though, and as today is the 79th day of the year, I’m a little ahead with following 104 people.  I’ve found that there’s a pretty central core of “my style” folks that I care to follow–strangely they all seem to follow each other–and I’m to a point where it’s going to be a little difficult to find more people to follow.

Well, I say difficult, but only as difficult as a 45 second search through Twitter listings will be.  See short excuse above.

Anyway, in the meantime, here’s a hopeful-sounding track from Ulrich Schnauss.  It sounds like Spring to me, even though the weather hasn’t caught up.


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