TwiSixtyFive #81-82

Added Nick Frost (@nickjfrost), hilarious and awesome comedic actor, and William Gibson (@GreatDismal), bleak and awesome cyberpunk author.

Also, enjoy this freeform brainstorming from Simon Pegg (stuff like this is why I enjoy twitter):

  • I’m gonna write a film about jet bikes. I like them, they go fast on the sea. I play the main character, Jet Bike Steve. That’s all so far.
  • JBS is not a cop. I’ve done that. He’s a pirate but a good pirate. He goes round fucking up the yachts of fat cat health insurance execs.
  • My Jet Bike is called the Barack-uda. @nickjfrost plays my partner Thor, his Jet Bike is big and called Anne. This shit is writing itself!!!
  • There will be multiple installments, the first being Jet Bike Steve And The Bikini Thief. Coming summer 2011. Prepare to get wet. Rated R.
  • The Barack-uda will talk like K.I.T.T. from Knightrider but with a geordie accent. “Fook me Steve, we’re gannin’ reet fat noo!”



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