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TwiSixtyFive #81-82

Posted in Hilarious, TwiSixtyFive on March 23, 2010 by dcbradshaw

Added Nick Frost (@nickjfrost), hilarious and awesome comedic actor, and William Gibson (@GreatDismal), bleak and awesome cyberpunk author.

Also, enjoy this freeform brainstorming from Simon Pegg (stuff like this is why I enjoy twitter):

  • I’m gonna write a film about jet bikes. I like them, they go fast on the sea. I play the main character, Jet Bike Steve. That’s all so far.
  • JBS is not a cop. I’ve done that. He’s a pirate but a good pirate. He goes round fucking up the yachts of fat cat health insurance execs.
  • My Jet Bike is called the Barack-uda. @nickjfrost plays my partner Thor, his Jet Bike is big and called Anne. This shit is writing itself!!!
  • There will be multiple installments, the first being Jet Bike Steve And The Bikini Thief. Coming summer 2011. Prepare to get wet. Rated R.
  • The Barack-uda will talk like K.I.T.T. from Knightrider but with a geordie accent. “Fook me Steve, we’re gannin’ reet fat noo!”




Posted in Hilarious on January 2, 2010 by dcbradshaw

He is punishing this mortal for his hubris!

This JUST happened

Posted in Hilarious, The Life of a Dome Jockey on July 17, 2009 by dcbradshaw

Woman Chaperoning Summer Camp Group: (pointing to the doors behind me) What is that?!

Me: This is the planetarium!

WCSCG: (excited) Oh!  We can see fishes and stuff in there?

Me: Uh…  Not typically, no…

Woman Behind Her: PLANETarium.  So it’s plants and stuff.

Me: Buaaalaalaaahuh?

Okay, maybe not all of that is true.  I’ll let you decide which parts did and didn’t happen.

Bloody Weather

Posted in Hilarious with tags , on July 14, 2009 by dcbradshaw

I must share this little example of clear and concise journalism from CNN, in the article about Endeavour’s 2nd 3rd launch postponement (bolding mine):

On Sunday, lightning and cumulus clouds violated guidelines in case of an emergency landing and sent astronauts back to their quarters for the night.

Curse you lighting and cumulus clouds!  Didn’t you read the guidelines?!?

I wonder if they’ll be sacked for ordering the mission crew back to their rooms?


Posted in Cool, Hilarious on July 11, 2009 by dcbradshaw

Submitted without comment.